Current Problems are as follows:

The list of the problems – ones that are manageable:

Climate – change is determined by the weather change, but it is believed that rains is manageable. When it heavily pure down, maybe the wok can stop for a few moments, but the work can be resumed when it stops to rains.


Strong Current – there is acknowledgeable powerful water current caused by some form of a ripe-tide pulling water through an inlet along the River Nile running from South toward direction of northward up to the Mediterranean Seas. The workers will be working on the stable platform during the construction of the bridge.

Deep of the Nile – the Nile River has an average depth of 8 -to- 11 metres (26 to 36 feet). But this deeps varies considerably from regions to regions, as seen above, the same Nile River look quite differently. It can change significantly during the rainy seasons when it is obvious that the waters on the Nile will rises to flood the most parts of the low lands in Koo | Greater Upper Nile but the good news is that the deep in these regions is very manageable because, unlike other regions where the Nile is wider, the deep is very narrow and can be found in the narrow path used by the ships, steamers, ferry and big boats.  

Width of the Nile – the River Nile has an average width of between 350 meters to 700 meters in the area in Koo where we want to construct a bridge. But, in the further north, the Nile River has an average width of 2.8 kilometers.

Predictors of the Nile – the workers will be working on the platform during the construction of the bridge, but other precautions and measures shall be put in place to detect any predictors when they approached the human during work hours.