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Raised Sufficient Funds


    Crossing | Opening Bridge When It’s Opened!

    (a) Four type of bridges are as follows:

    (A) Arch,

    (B) Beam,

    (C) Suspension,

    (D) Cable-Stayed.

     This bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge. The second one is the same bridge when it is opened or closed. It is the first choice because it is cheap to maintain.

    Why Crossing | Opening Bridges?

    .To allow the big passengers’ boats | steamer | ships to pass through to continue cruising the Nile.


    It is a combined bascule and beam bridge


    It is a combined bascule and beam bridge

    Why Build Beam Bridges instead of an arch, suspension, and other types?

    To make them look like other beam Bridges you see in Paris | London and elsewhere.



    This is a beam bridge is a second choice but if it is to be built on the River Nile, it must be crossing | opening bridge.

    Why Not Build A Tall Bridge?

    • Too expensive to build in a short span of time.
    • Take a long time to build.
    • Not compatible with the view of the landscape and nature.
    • To danger for the users/animals on foot.
    • They built already one tall bridge further north in Kosti below some 3 000 miles away from Koo. It never attracts anyone to use it for the reasons above.

    This is a combined suspension and cable-stayed bridge. Never a choice for the same reasons mentioned really.


    With a reasonable short or medium size beam bridge, you can:

    • Have many lanes as you like (see pictures of cars on the beam lane) includes 2 trains track for the future trains from Koo to Gambelia.
    • To be used by the local people on feet with their livestock and other animals without fears of a high.
    • To increase the flow of the traffics in both opposite directions.
    • To maximize users who will enjoy the scenery of the Nile, surrounding nature, and wildlife in their comfort.
    • It is few meters above water but high enough for medium size boat to pass through without the need of opening the bridges.


    launched Fundraising Appeals Nationally | Internationally!

    We will first Launch a fundraising campaign so that we start the implementation of the construction of the bridge project once we secured two-third of the funds we need to enable us to do and complete what we promised ourselves and our supporters to do. But fundraising is never easier. It requires a professional team with track records in raising funds for a similar project anywhere in the world. We may delegate part of this campaign to a separate and independent consultant. But most professional bodies that I know would require fees and their expenses and costs for the campaigns to be paid in advance. We are now depending online donation

    The Bridge Fund Management:

    Goals | Objectives | of the Project:

    • To Raise Initial Funds to construct Bridge,
    • To build the ‘opening’ bridges at River Nile in Koo | Greater Upper Nile,
    • To prevent the loss of lives,
    • To prevent destruction of properties,
    • To mitigate crises that affects millions of people,
    • To provide safe travelling – crossing the River Nile,
    • To contribute to some form of mobility for vulnerable population,
    • To encourage trades with each other and with outside world,
    • To reduce dependency on relief and food aid, and
    • To improve the general security situation in the regions.


    The construction of the temporary accommodations for the expatriates and national staff and the constructions of the harbour (loading | landing bay) and the airstrips should not take a long time than two -three months. This must be completed at the same time before the implementation of the bridge construction. Because we expect some of the goods will be coming in through the River Nile and some staff may flew in from abroad with a private plane or cargoes.


    Raised Sufficient Funds


    (a) Designers


    (b) Architects


    (c) Engineers


    (d) Other Professional Staff

    Electric Ride-on Mower

    At least there be one electric ride-on mowers for temporary living quarters for the expatriates and national workers. The problem with fuel or patrol can be solved by having an extra-large electric mower that will do the job without effort.

    • Allows a large area of lawn to be cut quickly without too much effort,
    • Can be run a long distance away from a power source,
    • Can cut any types of grasses without need to empty it, and
    • Ability to cope with uneven terrain.

    A temporary supply of the energy (electricity) shall come from two sources, namely, solar energy and generators.