Emergency Appeal to raise sufficient funds to build the crossing | opening bridges in Koo | other spotted dangerous areas in G.U.N. to cross the River Nile, to reduce deaths, save millions of lives and mitigate all other crises associated with the crossing of the mighty infested River Nile.

The Bridge Fund Management project was launched to raise sufficient funds to build the crossing | opening bridges in Koo and other spotted as dangerous areas to crossing the river Nile in Koo | Greater Upper Nile. There have been long campaigns to build the bridge in the landlocked regions of Koo | Greater Upper Nile following dozens of experiments, discussions, and numerous assessments on how to mitigate the impact of changing river volumes and different floodplain terrain in experimental trials with the designers of the bridges, civil engineers, architects, and road builders in these regions. Unlike the other two regions, namely, Greater Equatoria, and Bahr el Ghazal, Koo and most of the Greater Upper Nile is the low land regions which explained why every year millions of people were reported as missed or risked their possessions or drowned amid crossing the River Nile. There have been too many rains in these regions most times of the year which added to the wildest “upstream” to River Nile at different flow rates and to different potential flood conditions.

You will not find a spot anywhere over the River Nile in Greater Upper Nile where you would like to cross over the River Nile safely without endangering your possessions or risking your life. You will never find a spot where both sides of the West Bank and East bank of the River Nile are closely safe, even, level, and clean, have less current, less infested with hippos, and have no large semiaquatic reptiles. Thousands of people lost their lives and millions of animals and livestock too perished amid crossing the River Nile in these regions. This is the biggest crisis than the food shortages.

The solution to this crisis now is to build the crossing | opening bridges in Koo | Greater Upper Nile regions to drastically reduce the death, save millions of lives and significantly improved security and mitigates all other crises.

For the past fifty years various social and political groups and governments had recommended the bridges to be build in Koo | other areas in Greater Upper Nile to save millions of lives of people and their animals. Though these regions are a total landlocked, the engineers’ and the architects’ assessments say that with the present advanced technology this bridge project will cost less now than if it was built several decades ago. And the three pieces of works will be delivered and completed within an estimated 12-18 months. The project intends to raise substantial amounts in US dollars. The bridges roads is anticipated to slashed the travel times by 80% – 90% and will drastically mitigate all other crises, improved security, increase trade, and will reduce the people’s dependency on handouts.

We appeal to all visitors of this website to make your contribution to the Bridge Fund Management Project.


Emergency Appeal To Raise Funds To Build Crossing | Opening Bridges In Koo | Greater Upper Nile!

Emergency Appeal To Build Crossing | Opening Bridges In Koo | Greater Upper Nile At River Nile!