Recruitment of Staff


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BFM Human Resource Policy 

There shall be no one kind of BFM, so we will always be recruiting both skilled and unskilled people on short-term based. Provided that the new recruits are looking forward people, who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to the BFM’s challenges. From the outset, we will be given special quota to women, for instance, 30% of the workforces shall be women, whereas 10% of women shall be skilled and 20% of women are unskilled but those who can learned on the job. The recruitment and selection of all professionals shall be delegated to the independent agent(s), who must advertised every single post on local and national levels.

Recruiting: Doctors |Nurses

We expect some casualties during the construction of the bridge, e.g., from malaria and other tropical diseases. So, we shall recruit five people to form the health care team, for instance, two doctors, one expatriate medical doctor, and another shall be a local doctor; two nurses, from anywhere and two axillary workers to support the team. The cost should be outweighed by the benefit because the health of workers is paramount.

(a) Recruiting: Designers 

(b) Recruiting: Architects 

(c) Recruiting: Engineers

(d) Recruiting: Other Professionals 

We promised to see the results within five to six months of implementation of the bridge project.

(e) Recruiting: General Staff