Construction of runways

Airfield problem

We have from the outset of the project that it would be reasonable to build a runway or airstrip because some of our workers specialist experts: engineers, architects, and designers of the bridge would be coming from abroad with a private plight. We also anticipated to bring some of the equipment by air cargoes so, we need to construct our own airstrips and runways since there are no nearby airstrips or runways in the regions.

Cost of building runway

The cost of constructing an airstrip – runway would depend on the specifications and performance desired. Many of the general aviation aircraft that are chartered for private trips are reasonably lightweight and therefore do not need a perfectly reinforced surface runway if the ground is solid, well-manicured, and free from any excess moisture, erosions, or wetland. The cost of building a 3,000 ft x 50 ft or 5, 000 ft or 7,000 ft runway is varied from country to country and labor used to construct it. We will hire a surveyor to produce a map. So, we know where the high and low spots are and where drainage lines need to go. The work for the surveyor will take two to five days maximum and three weeks to six weeks to complete. The small size airstrip from 3000ft x 50 ft will cost less than £20k, and medium-size airstrip runway will cost £30k to £40k, and 7000 ft runway will cost between £50k to 100k. The two runways with possible extension in the future to three runways will cost about £200k to £300k. It is estimated to cost about £1-£5 square ft for tar asphalt or £2 to £5 square ft for concrete for the runway that is capable of handling large cargo aircraft. That is 13L at KBF1 which is 3710 square ft x 100 square ft would cost £300k to £2000k, and 2671 square ft x 36 square ft would cost £90k to £900k. When constructing this airstrip, regardless, of the costs, it must be bear in mind that in the future, after we completed the construction of the bridge, the local government at their own terms and at their own cost could then upgrade the airstrip into the second airstrip or possibly larger airstrip in the country with two to three runways in the future. We will build the warehouses nearby the airstrips for storage of the construction and building materials only for the construction of the bridge.

The airlift was the only form of any transport for the entire duration of the civil war which lasted for over thirty years. As many international NGOs including the United Nations’ World Food Program, the UNICEF, and any other UN body such as UNMISS and other local NGOs will tell you that it takes you where you can flight from to which destination anywhere in the south using the airplane as the meant of accessibility to all three regions, namely, Great Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal, and Upper Nile, and what living in the south was like during this period of civil war up to present day. They would also tell you that without airlift, the operation of humanitarian relief would not be possible, and nothing has changed since the cessation of the south fifteen years ago. Our dependency on the handouts from the UN’s world food programs and other international NGOs makes slaves out of everyone in the country including those who claimed to run the country, especially if this dependency is a dependency on basic needs such as food, medicine, fuels, or other energy that affects our self-esteem. Not only that we have no functioning institutions in 90% of the population, but the nation’s pride is dead and gone, because everybody is trying to survive by the adopted certain bizarre behavior of always begging or threatening or pleasing other people to give you something to eat to live for another day otherwise you will die with me, or they will die with you. The Bridge Fund Management’s objectives are, among other things, to build crossing | opening bridge in Koo | Greater Upper Nile to reduce death, save lives of millions of populations, who would otherwise depend on handouts, and mitigate all other crises.