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How to Finance BFM Project by Sponsored Brands Video Ads on BFM Website

How to finance the bridge project by sponsoring brands’ video Ads on Our Website!

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With the ever-increasing competition on the world wide web internet, with research results littered with Sponsored Product ads—it can be difficult to stand out. Fortunately, eye-catching video ads are here to change that. 

What is likely to grab a customer’s attention—a video, an image, or a chunk of text? The answer comes from a young enthusiastic consumer who said she would have little time to read the text, but an eye-catching video will do the trick. We recommend any seller or promoters of any brands | ideas to put this principle in action with Sponsored Brands Video ads. 

These compelling product videos take up a big portion of real estate within the search results and automatically play when a potential customer scrolls by.

Let us go over what Sponsored Brand Video Ads are and how they work, tips on creating a compelling video, and how to set up your video ad. 

 A Sponsored Brands Video ad is a type of Sponsored Brand ad and is only available to sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry program.

Sponsored Brands Video ads usually appear halfway down any page of BFM website search results. Unlike typical Sponsored Product ads, which resemble organic search results, video ads take up a large portion of the page—customers cannot miss them. 

These two-part ads display a brand’s video beside a product thumbnail that includes the product’s main image, title, reviews, price, and shipping information. 

All the videos on this website show the page sample of search results for “video-maker.” The page begins with a Sponsored Brand ad, followed by two Sponsored Product ads, three organic search results, and finally, the Sponsored Brands Video ad. 

Please sponsors us to advertise your business for a fraction of the cost you may pay in the mainstream media.




Universal: Product Marketing, Resources, Strategies, selling on another major website can use BFM website for all promotions!

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