Investigations Questions

We also conducted surveys about the locations and the estimated population who will benefit from the bridge project since there was no accurate census due to the lack of mobility for the local officials to move around the country.

Investigations Questions

The surveys are ongoing assessments about the movements of the populations and the causes of the crise


  • How did the people cross the River Nile back and forth over the years?
  • How did they lost their possessions amid crossing the river Nile or drown?
  • What is the biggest threat to them when they cross the river, Nile?
  • Is there any safe alternative to cross the River Nile?
  • Will bridges improved their security, trade, economy and mitigate all other crises?
  • What phototypes of bridge techniques can be used if we raised enough money today to build it?
  • What are some major constraints for this project?
  • What is the history of the people?
  • How many people will benefit from the bridge?

Who will benefit from the bridge project?

It is stress that the census in the public domain did not at the time of the survey reflect the true projections of the population either for policy development and for planning and for providing the public services in different geographic areas. For this reason the surveys have limitations. A projections is a preliminary calculation assuming what happens if the trade route is establish or bridge is build in this region – Koo and other areas in Greater Upper Nile. The population projections of those who were displaced and those who stay foot in their hometowns are trend-based. they are, therefore, not-policy based forecasts of what everybody expects to happen. Many factors influences the populations movements from one location to another. People could commute, for instance, for trade, job, school, pleasure, security and of course the two important factors are the availability of the mobility which could not happen if there is no road-bridge and the security which may also be determined by various factors. In brief, the population who will benefit from the bridge are those in the two pictures on the rights side.


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