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Koo | Trade Route | Connection | All Nuer With Bridge!


Our Project is to raise funds for the constructions of the crossing | opening bridges in Koo | Greater Upper Nile at River Nile to save millions of lives. The bridge project for Koo will be a major and important trade route connecting the Western, Central, and Eastern Nuer on West-banks and East-banks of River Nile. All Nuer and other tribes along the River Nile, Canal, and Sobat will greatly benefit from the bridge project and connected route.


This is the campaign to raise sufficient funds to build crossing bridges at the River Nile for the millions of people and animals – populations in these regions. The reason to raise sufficient funds to build bridges in Koo | Greater Upper Nile at River Nile is clear and simple. You will not find a single spot both during the dried seasons and rainy seasons anywhere in the spot near to Koo and in Greater Upper Nile where you would like to cross over the River Nile safely without risking your life. You will never find a spot where both sides of the West Bank and East Bank of the River Nile are closely safe, even, level, and clean, and has less strong water current that will promptly sweep you away in a matter of seconds, less infested hippos, and have no large semiaquatic reptiles. It is no uses to put figures of people who perished in this river. But in a short period of time, tens of thousands of people have lost their lives, and millions of animals and livestock as well perished amid crossing the River Nile in these regions. This is the biggest crisis than the food shortages. Our vision is to build the crossing bridges in the regions that will drastically save lives and significantly improved security and mitigated all other crises that have been threatened the population in the regions for too long. Building a bridge can be easy to accomplish within less than a year and will last many years to come and will save 4-5 million lives, even animals may benefit from it. We could not do this without financial support from everybody who has heard of this appeal whether this is your first time or you heard this before. Please complete the form and make a one-off donation or give one-off grants.  All contacts and details are given below. (Note: all pictures on this page below are used to illustrate the problems).

Imagine, if there is no single crossing bridge in London, people on the other side of the River Thames would be by now living in another country.

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