Airlift Dependency

The airlift was the only form any transport for the entire duration of the civil war which lasted for over thirty years. As many international NGOs included the United Nations’ World Food Program, the UNICEF, and any other UN body such as UNMISS and other local NGOs will tell you that it take you where you can flight from to which destination anywhere in the south using the airplane as the meant of accessibility to all three regions, namely, Great Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile, and what living in the south was like during this period of civil war up to present day. They would also tell you that without airlift, the operation of humanitarian relief would not be possible, and nothing has change since the cessation of the south fifteen years ago. Our dependency on the handouts from the UN’s world food programs and other international NGOs makes slaves out of everyone in the country included those who claimed to run the country, especially if this dependency is a dependency of basic needs such as food, medicine, fuels, or other energy that affects our self-esteem. Not only that we have no functioning institutions in 90% of the population, but the nation’s pride is dead and gone, because everybody is trying to survive by adopted certain bizarre behaviour of always begging or threatening or pleasing other people to give you something to eat to live for another day otherwise you will die with me, or they will die with you. The Bridge Fund Management’s objectives are, among other things, to build crossing | opening bridge in Koo | Greater Upper Nile to reduce death, save lives of millions of populations, who would otherwise depend on handouts and mitigate all other crises.