The appeal is to raise funds between £150m – £300m for Koo, Canal and Adok Bar – Sobat. Three ways to make a donations: You can either complete the form on the website and submit it in with your one-off payment or you can buy this book online through author-house, because  all the proceeds will go to the good causes – the community project for the construction of the crossing – opening bridge in Koo, Greater Upper Nile.

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You can donate in three ways: (1) by buying, for example, perhaps 10m – 40m copies of all textbooks or any of the textbook below:

  • ‘Life After Law School Vol I,’ online,
  • ‘Life After Law School Vol II,’ online,
  • ‘Life After Law School Vol III,’ online, and
  • ‘The Colossal Beauties of the Men at Work,’ also online.

And all the proceeds will go to the construction of the ‘crossing-opening’ bridge in Koo, and the textbooks can be distributed as gift to the senior schools and first year’s university students of your choice, to be delivered to anywhere in the country or in the world. It is approved textbooks; or you can make (2) one-off donation through website:, by completing a short form and get a receipt, and or you can make (3) any donation in any other way you think fit.

We are Naath | Nuer, there is nothing to be ashamed of that. Our Land and its people have been ripped and devastated by the layers of the invaders, during the war and after the war. This is neither secret nor doubted. And we know who did it!

The Reasons | The Current Problem | The Solution:

When you travel from the East to the West of the country, or from the South to the North for more than 8000 miles distance, I can assure you that you will find no single usable road or bridge at any time of the year because there has never been any sort of the development for 500 years in these populated regions. When there is a war, our land will be used as a battlefield. When there is a wave of peace, our land would be used as a hunting ground, and when there is a business boom, our land would still be used to extract natural resources and for recruiting cheap labor.

Help our Bridge Fund Management by donating today! All donations go directly to the construction of the bridge in Koo | Greater Upper Nile to prevent the destruction of property, reduce death, save millions of lives and slash the travel time between the populations on both sides of the Eastbank and Westbank of the River Nile.

When there is a wave of peace, our land would be used as a hunting ground, and when there is a business boom, our land would still be used to extract natural resources and for recruiting cheap labor.






Hunting Grounds

So, What Is The Future | Best Solution To Our Problem?

We think migration is the last thing the Naath | Nuer have, or anyone has in mind because it is neither a temporary solution nor a permanent solution to our problem. As we are treated differently whenever and wherever we have lived in another man’s country. Now, a lot of people do not have the faintest idea about the hard and the soft differential treatment either because they are ignorant, or they have never been exposed to it before. Let me give you a simple example. If you are Mr Bees the applicant, and Mr Worm at the prestigious institution such as the RCJ, and Mr Maggot at the BPP, (who are immortal and untouchable by the way) are the ones, who will decide your fate in any forum. This is what they would do for you.

Cat | Mouse Games!

They will simply use the cat & mouse game to do what it takes to hold you back and nothing more. For instance, if you said you come through the Promenade Way and went through the Brown Way. They will say no. You came through the Jumbo Way and went the opposite direction. If you come back next-time with more evidence, to assert your case, they will simply change their position and reverses everything you do or said even transferred all your credit to one of their slaves or to your opponents. Simple! They would do nothing more than that and there is nothing you can do about it, nor would they be worried about anything sentimental

Start a new life in another country is not simple!

If you are still having no foggiest idea about how life is like when living in another man’s country, then, I suggest you must look again at what had happened in the past forty years to the whole generation of the migrants and refugees, who fled their homeland to those countries, amid the civil war. In some countries, you are not allowed to develop a professional career, build a home, and raises a family. Simple! Every other little thing that you do on daily bases for the basic needs – bread and butter – does not bother them at all because they know you are struggling to meet the daily needs, pay your bills, and the education you acquired somewhere else without someone, who has had committed to invest in you or in your professional career would take you nowhere.

If you wanted us to have a glimpse of hope for life, education, job, and better security in these landlocked regions, and do not wanted us to have long-term dependency on handouts from the outsiders, for the next donkey’s years to come, you must stop mourning about the endless crises that facing our people but do something now about it.

It’s All In Our Hands!

It’s all in ours and in your hands how to change this situation on the ground. One project could change the landscape in Koo, and other surrounding areas in Greater Upper Nile to save the lives of millions of people. Even though these regions are a total landlock, the engineers’ and the architects’ assessments say that with the present advanced technology this project will cost less, and the three pieces of works will be delivered and completed within estimated 12-18 months. The project intends to raise sufficient funds in US dollars. And will drastically mitigate all other crises, improved security, increase trade, and will reduce death, save lives and reduce people’s dependency on handouts. If we believe that we can do it, and so you! Please, visit the website and make your contribution to the project.

You can help us now to raise sufficient funds that will be used to build these crossing bridges at the River Nile until we make these regions a better place for a human being to live in. And I can ensure you that it is the only thing that will make a huge difference on a spot than any food relief that you will be immensely proud of.

There is admitted to some common ground between all the parties and donors who have been feeding these people for the past three decades or so. There an existing an acknowledged agreement between the various opinions represented the international donors and in the political life and social life and the measures arising out of them that there must be something to be done to reduce the chronic diseases and miseries of these people, even if it takes a dollar to do it.

Some Drastic Proposals for an End to the Miseries for the millions of people in these regions.


These air cargoes were so expensive and so huge, on each flight, each plane took at least 500 passengers – child-minors. Some these cargo planes were equivalent to Super Guppy and Antonov without seats inside them because they were used for airdropping the foods to some of these displaced people in the regions. Why would they spend millions of US dollars in hiring the planes to transport these child-minors by airs, if they could just transport them by land, which was 100 times cheapest than the airs transports? Simply, because there was no single bridge in the whole region of Greater Upper Nile to cross the River Nile. You could not deny this simple fact because I was not only among these child-minors at the time when they were transporting them, I was the one and the only one from the UK, who was in charge at the time in transporting them. And you know what, after I returned to school in England, after all these years, all these NGOs, UNICEF, World Food Program, and many other international bodies and local NGOs were still depending on the air’s transports for relief supplies and for transporting their personnel and lifted wounded civilians and sick people from one place to another.

Crossing | Opening Bridge Can Slashes Travel Time!

You could not fail to support this “Bridge Fund Project” because it is not only vital both in the short term and long-term, but you also know the situation well. You have been contributing billions of US dollars to the UN and other NGOs over the past decades to feed these people.

Keep In Mind This!

I will take you back to one memorable moment when there was an unexpected change of the government in Ethiopia; whereas several millions of displaced people, who took refuge there were forced to flee back to their territories amid the civil war. Among them were hundreds of thousands of child-minors who were being looked after and lived under United Nation Protections. While they were under the care of many NGOs such as the UNICEF, International Red Cross, and many others. They were utterly convinced that these child-minors would become the next generation of child-soldiers as they were already being targeted by the various factions and groups and they agreed unanimously to take them back to their families. The UN spent millions of US dollars in hiring at least four huge air cargoes in just a few days in transporting not even all of them but just some of them – over ten thousand of these child-minors from one place to another place, namely, from the Eastern bank of the River Nile to the Western bank of the River Nile

Now, you heard our stories, so what are you waiting for? We need some actions now and we think your contribution will make a huge difference. First thing first! We set up the Bridge Fund to build two bridges at the Eastern, Central, and Western Nuer’s River Nile that will immediately save the lives of 4-5 million population in these regions. Once the fund is secured, in the next few months, with the aid of the hi-tech, and best professional bridge builders in the world, we can assure you that we can build these bridges concurrently and complete them within less than twelve months. We promised to be efficient, professional from the outset and completed this project with minimum cost and within a short span of time. So, next time you are on a short break from your work, you can come and visit to see it for yourself, the results of our work and how much your (moneys) contribution makes a huge difference to millions of people in these regions for the years to come. Bear in mind that this is the first thing everyone needs in these places than anything else.

It is a time to do something different that will drastically mitigate their miseries, if not overnight but at least over the coming months and years. And we will not only be grateful for your support and understanding, but we will also pay back every single penny to you in a million different ways that you could not afford to refuse or lost.

Keep In Mind This!

The Bridge Fund Management For Koo | Greater Upper Nile


Emergency Appeal to Raise Funds To Build Crossing | Opening Bridges In Koo | G.U.N At River Nile To Saves Millions Of Lives!

Lives At Risks!

Predictors Rule the River Nile!

Lives At Risks | Dangerous Species!

Predictors Rule the River Nile!

Special Emergency Appeal to Raise Funds To Build Crossing | Opening Bridges In Koo | G.U.N At River Nile To Saves Millions Of Lives!

Lives At Risks | Dangerous Species!

Predictors Rule the River Nile!

Lives At Risks | Dangerous Species!

Predictors Rule the River Nile!

Emergency Appeal to Raise Funds To Build Crossing | Opening Bridges In Koo | Greater Upper Nile At River Nile To Save Millions Of Lives And Slashed Travel Times!

You will not find a spot anywhere over the River Nile in Greater Upper Nile where you would like to cross over the River Nile safely without endangering your possessions or risking your life. Nor will you find a spot where both sides of the West Bank and East bank of the River Nile are closely safe, even, level, and clean, has less current, less infested with hippos, and have no large semiaquatic reptiles. Thousands of people lost their lives and millions of animals and livestock too perished amid crossing the River Nile in these regions. This is the biggest crisis than the food shortages. Our vision now is to build the crossing bridges in the regions that will drastically save lives and significantly improved security and mitigates all other crises.


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