Materials and Information Sources & Resources List

Once the sufficient funds become available to do the work, we will require the engineers and architects to prepare the material and information resources lists for the bridge construction work that give us the ideas about what type of materials and equipment we need to complete the project or task. The individual contractors use assortment of different elements known as material to accomplish their works efficiently and it is a best approach to have complete details about required materials and it is only possible with a material list. Material list is a handful document, and it will enable us to estimate the exact costs for the bridge constructions of three piece of the projects included the cost of the engineers, architects, designers of the bridges, the expatriates stuff, local and national stuff and all the equipment and materials, so that we can be ensure of everything on hand which is needed to complete the bridge construction in Koo. Through this way the Bridge Fund Management can decide that either a project is going to be completed in available budget or not. We will work closely with the experts to prepared in advance the materials list and to be sure we can get everything we need before we start the bridge construction work. Experience shown that prepared material list before the work start will eliminate any chance of errors or of forgetting significant material while carrying out a work. An attentively designed material list may consist of complete details about material required for a project or like type of material, available quantity, required quantity and price details etc. In our view, it is a task that is not less important – the preparation is important in every job and this bridge project is not exceptional.

All Materials requirements are not on this page. You can view the project documents for further information.

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