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The need to construct six to eight lanes bridges roads included two rails tracks for future trains for more than two bridges in Koo | Greater Upper Nile has been around for a very long with us or even before we were born and still with us today for over 40 years. Some people claimed that it was one of the causes of troubles in the country the lack of infrastructures and bridge roads in the regions. A number of case studies had been carried out by the Chinese Companies who were constructed to build roads and bridges by the previous Sudanese governments but the work was never materialized because of the economic costs and lack of commitments from the central government to allocate the funding to the projects. The study was to identify a suitable location with a high population to construct the bridges for daily commuting. key objectives of these survey and case studies were to identify the impediment and obstacles and lack of mobility which were partly to blame on the lack of bridge roads and blamed partly to the security issues. since then nothing was actually done but the challenge is left to the locals themselves rather than with the governments who assumed the responsibility of the whole country while failed to do anything about it. the number of volunteers is few hoping that once the fund is raised the number will increase rapidly.  

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The bridge with background light is in the North some 5000 miles away from. The plan is to build the bridge in Koo | Greater Upper Nile!