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The Bridge Fund Management is a private, non-profit self-perpetuating initiative founded by a distinguished individual (Peter Gaisiance), who has first-hand experience about the situation in Koo and other landlocked regions in Greater Upper Nile. When he was a schoolboy, he was among thousands of school children stranded in the infested mighty River Nile when they tried to cross it on foot on their return to school because the barges and the riverboats that used to collect them (school children) were also stranded in Kosti in the north.

When there was an unexpected change of the government in Ethiopia; whereas several millions of displaced people, who took refuge there were forced to flee back to their territories amid the civil war. Among them were hundreds of thousands of child-minors who were being looked after and lived under United Nation Protections. While they were under the care of many NGOs such as the UNICEF, International Red Cross, and many others. They were utterly convinced that these child-minors would become the next generation of child-soldiers as they were already being targeted by the various factions and groups and they agreed unanimously to take them back to their families. The UN spent millions of US dollars in hiring at least four huge air cargoes in just a few days in transporting tens of thousands of child-minors from the East-bank of the River Nile to the West-bank of the River Nile. These air cargoes were so expensive and so huge, on each flight, each plane took at least 500 passengers – child-minors such as Super cargoes that used for airdropping the foods to some of these displaced people in the regions. Why they spent millions of US dollars in hiring the planes to transport these child-minors by air if they could just transport them by land, which was 100 times the cheapest than the airs transports? Simply, because there was no single bridge in the whole region of Greater Upper Nile to cross the River Nile. Having also in some charity activities that helps refugee children and displaced populations in the regions, Gaisiance was the only one from the UK who involved in transporting thousands of these child-minors. BFM is established as a non-profit company. It is autonomous in its initiative and administration and in the selection of its members, sharing with no government agents the responsibility for advising the local population in Koo and other regions. BFM is set up to raise funds to finance feasibility study and to construct the crossing | opening bridge in Koo | Greater Upper Nile at River Nile. The objective is to slashes the travel times between West bank, East Bank, and Central, and to use the bridge as a trade route for all the users without pre-conditions. Because, in addition to the objectives above, it will save millions of lives, improves the security, ease movement of goods and people, and reduce the transit times considerably thereby strengthen the business and the trade of the tribes with each other and with the outside world and reinvented new trade facilitation and economic growth and development (see the project description). Being a trained barrister, Gaisiance is too familiar with a host of legal problems and security problems that facing the most vulnerable populations from unjust activities. The lack of mobility and transportation is due to the lack of bridge roads. So, he understood this problem better than anyone else because he knows that no population can survive or live or work without some form of security and legal system.


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